Friday, 24 February 2012

A question of style


Style to me is timeless where as fashion changes with the season, think of Audrey Hepburn... now imagine seeing her walking down the street in 2012,  you would look at her as a chic stylish women many of us aspire to be more like, now think of Madonna mid 80's - the hair, the lace the heavy make up, you get my drift! Now seeing her walking down that same street you would think she was on a hen night in Blackpool -at best! But at the time she was the epitome of cool, girls wanted to be her men wanted to sleep with her. This is why investing in excellent quality staples - bags,shoes and coats that may cost more initially, but if they last a lifetime in the sense of quality and style stakes they pay for themselves.......which is why I need a Chanel bag in my life ...sigh!, the high street offers so many well made fashionable pieces at affordable prices that you can have the best of both worlds more than ever before.


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