Thursday, 23 February 2012

The blogging addiction starts......

One of my earliest memories of childhood is of me being dragged to school non uniform day crying to my mum that I did not want to wear the clothes she had dressed me in and from what I recall it was a spotty skirt and stripy top, although saying this I am slightly embarrassed to say I did ask for months repeatedly to have a shell suit (this was the 80's/90's) I can be forgiven surely? I did end up buying one out of my birthday money- this was a happy day as I walked around proud in my pink and blue scratchy hot two piece. Fast forward 20 something years and I like to think my style has evolved somewhat since the shell suit days although the feeling never changes, that feeling of need and want and of buying that item that you have lusted after for months or the buzz of an impulse buy that you tell yourself you need and ignore the rational side of the brain or as I like to call it-my husband. My plans for this blog is to tell you about my new business plans. I have been buying and selling vintage and retro clothes and jewellery for six months but have plans of a website and maybe going in a slightly different direction and also to show outfits of the day, hauls and general chit chat about the fashion world.I really hope you enjoy and a follow would be great too. Oh and just a little shout-out to a blogger FashionTeller17 who's blog's have inspired me to finally get mine up and running.

Just quickly before I go, here's a bit of background info on moi..
I am married to a Scotsman and we have a handsome 3 year old who's birth name is Harry but quite often named Damien in our house....
Wine has to be Red, Tea has to be strong and the volume digits have to be on an even number.


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